Moravian Mission

The Moravian Church is an international church. The worldwide unity is visible in the lively relationships with sisters and brothers on different continents. 
The Societies of the Moravian Church in Switzerland are responsible for the Moravian Mission in Switzerland. We are especially connected with two provinces of the Moravian Church in Tanzania as well as with the work for the people with disabilities on Star Mountain near Ramallah/Westbank and in Elim Home (South Africa).

Moravian Mission in Switzerland is a supporting organization of Mission 21, Basel. Mission 21 cultivates these international relationships and supports Moravian projects and programs in Tanzania, Palestine and South Africa. 


Building our future together - Education in Tanzania

In autumn 2021, the educational work of the Moravian Church in Tanzania was in the focus of Mission 21. A broad campaign highlighted the importance of education and training for particularly vulnerable children and young people.

More about this campaign